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HeartSong... it says just what our music means to us!!!  But its more than just the music!  The Song of our heart is love for our craft, love for sharing our gift with others and love for each other.


HeartSong Chorus is committed to preserving the art of four-part a cappella harmony, barbershop style through education, performance and musical excellence.


We are a membership organization founded in 1970 and today includes members of all ages from around east central Indiana.


We come together weekly to sing, dance, learn and teach the art of a cappella harmony, barbershop music and showmanship.  Did I forget to mention that along with that is lots of laughs, fun, love and sharing?  Some have musical education and training; many do not.  Friendship and a passion for singing and performing is the common bond.



HeartSong Show Chorus says so much about who we are.  Music, singing, performing is our passion.  Taking a piece of music, getting inside the lyrics and telling the story in that song... making the music come alive for our audiences and us!  



Good singing is good singing regardless of the musical genre.  The vocal techniques we teach are found in any highly accredited vocal music program.  It is one of the priorities of the chorus as we strive for musical excellence!!!   The following learning opportunities are available to every member:  

  • Group learning sessions
  • Individual instruction
  • Learning tracks 
  • International coaching  
  • Group vocal lessons given every rehearsal night by the Director and chorus music leaders
  • Top educational seminars given by Internationally known musicians and clinitians  

 With our priority of education we strive to help each member reach a higher level of performance.   You may think all our members are trained vocalists.  Not so!  Some of our members have musical training but many do not.  Each of us, however,  is committed to becoming better singers and performers.  Education is one of the cherished benefits of membership and a high priority in the life of the chorus as we seek musical excellence.


There are so many other opportunities to stretch your talents or discover new ones.  Try your hand at one of these:

  • staging
  • costuming
  • arranging
  • choreography
  • stage makeup 
  • emcee  
  • leadership
  • management
  • finance
  • public relations and marketing    

Oh, and don't forget show production and script writing!!


Education is the primary focus of Sweet Adelines International and HeartSong Show Chorus and our members are encouraged to get involved in a variety of ways at their own level of enthusiasm, desire and availability.


Each spring we have the opportunity to gather with our other Sweet Adelines friends in our region and compete for the opportunity to represent our region in International competition the following fall and for many other medals and awards.  We are judged in four categories: Sound, Music, Expression and Showmanship and receive constructive comments that enable us to set goals and strategies for improvement.  It's a great time for reconnecting with friends from other choruses and watching some incredible performances in both the quartet and the chorus contest.  Over the years HeartSong has won many regional awards including first place in the Small Chorus division and the Audience Choice Award for most entertaining chorus.



HeartSong is one of 600 choruses in Sweet Adelines, International, a non-profit organization of approximately 26,000 members in choruses and quartets, worldwide. The emphasis on music education and musical excellence is one reason we are the largest singing organization for women in the world.  Our Headquarters is in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  


We'd love to have you visit our rehearsals any Monday night!!  6:30 - 9:30 at the Church of the Brethren, 2302 S. Geneva in Marion (west of the bypass on 26th St.)  Come for a night of singing, harmony and fun and find out if this might be a wonderful place for you to use your talents!!









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