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Christmas City/HeartSong Show Chorus


Celebrating 45 Years of Harmony!!!



LOVE TO SING???? So do we!!!

Think there's no life after show choir?  Think again!!!

choreo, 4-part harmony, costumes, sequins, performance

and LOTS of fun!!!

Come try us out and see if this isn't what you've been missing!!


 Heartsong Ladies_were_there_to_entertain

Here's the perfect opportunity to check it out and see if this would be the place for your talents!


Do check out our website to learn more about us!!!  If you're a female singer, we think you'll love being part of our chorus!!




We are a chorus of women of all ages who love to sing, perform and share our music with others.  We sing 4-part a cappella style harmony in the barbershop style and love performing for audiences around east central Indiana.  We also love the life-long friendships we make!  We come for the love of music and singing but it's the fun, excitement and sharing together that keep us coming back each Monday night!

If you love to sing, we invite you to come and experience one of our rehearsals.  Visiting a rehearsal is the best way to find out more about us and if this is the place for you to use your talents!  

If you're a woman of any age who loves to sing, we'd love to have you visit.  We have members from all around east central Indiana that come to sing with us.

To find out more about your visit, check out the JOIN US page and 

 call us at 765-677-SING!

Rehearsals are Mondays

7:00-9:00 pm

Church of the Brethren

2302 S. Geneva, Marion

(west of the bypass on 26th St.)











HeartSong Show Chorus

Rehearsals: Mondays 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Marion Church of the Brethren; 2302 S. Geneva in Marion, IN. (West of the bypass on 26th street. ) 

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Love to sing? Come be part of a special group of women? find out how to Join Us!


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Support us thru the following businesses who give part of their proceeds to Heartsong Show Chorus when you buy or use their services.  You can read more about it here:













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